Kensington Difference

Introducing unique, all-inclusive products only offered by Kensington Saipan:


At Kensington Hotel, we offer all programs as an all-inclusive package for guests to enjoy the perfect rest and leisure activities.
From Ocean View Rooms that delivers the bird’s-eye-view of Pau Pau Beach at Saipan, guests have access to a free minibar, top-quality amenities, and Wi-Fi, as well as linens with four hundred thread counts, offering the vacation of a lifetime.
Kensington Hotel provides a “Kensington Passport” to each guest to help them choosing their own dining experience according to their preference. From international buffet Loria to contemporary Japanese dining Meisho, as well as East Moon, the best Chinese restaurant in Saipan and sunset barbecue restaurant Ocean Grill, guests can immerse themselves in the global culinary trend three times a day.
We also over various activities, led by Kenny, our leisure activities professional.
Along with Cocomong Camp and water slides for children, parents can enjoy Jacuzzi, various water pools, and marine sports, all included in the initial fees.
Make beautiful memories of your lifetime at Kensington Hotel, in all-inclusive style. (Some locations may be used at a fee.)


All rooms at Kensington Hotel Saipan have a view into the beautiful scenery of Saipan.
At our relaxing rooms, guests can enjoy premium bedding and beds made with four hundred thread count linens, as well as premium quality amenities, delivering the best rest available at a vacation getaway.


From creative cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients to buffet restaurant containing the culinary delights from around the world,
experience an unforgettable dining journey at our all day dining restaurants prepared by the best chefs.


Enjoy a romantic and private time of relaxation in a pool surrounded by palm trees.
Pools of three concepts as well as 54-meters-long semitransparent water slide, enjoyed by our family guests, offer refreshing and fun times.


A world of adventures, introduced by Kenny, Kensington’s professional activities team!
From aquarobics to snorkeling, transparent kayaking, and paddle boarding, we have prepared all marine sports activities for our guests.